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…is appreciated for its high quality of life. In the survey "Deutschland zum Wohlfühlen", the Donau-Iller region is in first place.



…offers in its center historical buildings, a pedestrian zone with flair, unique works of art and extensive opportunities for shopping.


...forms a two-country town together with Ulm. Swabia is only one step away from Bavaria.

Hey Neu-Ulm!

The young University town recently celebrated its 150th anniversary. Neu-Ulm is located on the western border of Bavaria across from Ulm, which still belongs to Baden-Württemberg. The city borders on the Donau-waterside. Apart from the urban hustle and bustle, you can also enjoy the rural idyll and take long walks or extensive picnics at the various lakes and parks around the city.

The medieval city of Ulm is only 3 kilometers away from Neu-Ulm. There you can find the Ulm Cathedral, which has the highest church tower (162 meters) all over the world. Lateral thinkers and sports lovers can be entertained through a museums and ambitious bike paths.

Neu-Ulm is diverse and exciting!

Living more  centrally  is almost impossible

Everything is nearby

Neu-Ulm is located on the western border of Bavaria across from Ulm, which still belongs to Baden-Württemberg. The city borders on the Donau-waterside The location of Campus Village Neu-Ulm is ideal - all the city's hotspots are within easy reach.


By bus

The bus stop is in the immediate vicinity - only 4 minutes by foot.

By train

Ulm's main train station can be reached quickly. From there you can get everywhere.

By car

You are also well connected by car. The highway access is only a few kilometers away.

Neu-Ulm has more students than ever!

Universities in Neu-Ulm and Ulm

The educational opportunities in Neu-Ulm and Ulm are extremely diverse.

University of Ulm

The university is known for future-oriented subjects, a high level of education, internationality and interdisciplinarity. The medical faculty is extremely renowned. The study places are among the most sought-after in Germany.

Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences

HNU specializes in practical preparation for leadership and management positions and is distinguished by the following competencies: Cooperation with companies and organizations, international exchange, and the promotion of cultural and social skills. A modern campus surrounded by greenery and a family atmosphere round off the offer.

Ulm University of Applied Sciences

At the THU, research and teaching are on the agenda - great importance is attached to practical experience during studies. As the name suggests, six different faculties offer mainly technical courses of study. THU graduates are in high demand on the job market and quickly find first-class jobs.

Studierendenwerk of Neu-Ulm

The „Studierendenwerk“ (student service) of Neu-Ulm looks after students in Neu-Ulm with diverse offers and supports them in every area of life.